2013-2014 Mentoring Team

2013 - 2014 Mentoring Team

(* new to the profession)


Elementary:  Kim Miller, coordinator
Dawn Weirich with Kim Miller (GRE - 2nd year)

Molly Boese with Sue Durand (GES - 2nd year)
Megan Raby with Vicki Smart (GES - 2nd year)
Kimberly Self with Catie Friend (GES - 2nd year)
Lacie Brandt with Diane Ball (WES - 2nd year)

*Amanda Foltz with Amy Mustain (GES)

Danielle Durandwith Amy Mustain (GES)


Secondary:  Mike Sibley, coordinator
Lynn Reif with Mike Sibley (ACJSHS)

Preston Determan with Mike Sibley (ACJSHS)
*Brittnay Leathers with Marty Alley (ACJSHS)

Kala Groff with Peggy Quirin(ACJSHS -2nd year)

Janay Blome with Stacey Hedges (ACJSHS)

*Joshua Furnish with Jeff Gillespie (ACJSHS)