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2018-2019 Mentoring Team

2018 - 2019 Mentoring Team

(* new to the profession)

Elementary:  Kim Miller, coordinator

*Cadey Carney with Lisa Falls (WES – 1st Year)

*Madeline Walker with Carmen Powls (WES – 1st Year)

Bree Walter with Kim Miller (GES – Veteran)

*Tammie Schaffer with Connie Scott (GES – 1st Year)

*Chrystal Wittman with Jessica Feuerborn (GES – 1st Year)


Secondary:  Mike Sibley, coordinator

*Alaina Bowles with Vicki Markham (ACJSHS – 1st Year)

Jana Havens with Vicki Markham (ACJSHS – Veteran)

*Lucas Catloth with Mike Sibley (ACJSHS – 2nd Year)

Logan Pegram with Mike Sibley (ACJSHS – 2nd Year)

Scott Karr with Janay Blome (ACJSHS – 2nd Year)

*Rochelle Kohlmeier with Janay Blome (ACJSHS – 1st Year)

A.C. Russell with Riley Weldin (ACJSHS – Veteran)

Laurel Ladewig with Stacey Hedges (ACE Academy – Veteran)

*Heather Corley with Stacey Hedges (ACJSHS – Veteran)