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Step 2: The Foundation: BYOC, Deconstructed Standards, Learning Targets, & Updating Blooms

BYOC Resources

Build Your Own Curriculum Link – Teacher website for login and development

School Software Group Website – informational

USD 365 Guide to Utilizing BYOC as a Teacher – local instruction guide to the development of curriculum

BYOC Overview - descriptions, features, and purpose of the BYOC program

BYOC Philosophy & Terminology Overview - Updated January 8, 2015

Introduction and Basic Training Guide For Educators - updated June 2, 2017

NEW!  Advanced Teacher Training Guide - updated July 1, 2019

How to – Create a course – April 15, 2016

How to – Create an Activity – September 23, 2015

How to – Add an Assignment – October 21, 2015

How to – Add a Class – September 27, 2015

How to – Create a Lesson Plan – July 26, 2016

NEW!  How to – Add Items from Google Drive – July 25, 2019

Introduction to Reports - updated January 9, 2015

Course Writing Template - document to help you develop your course components that will go into BYOC

Course Review Checklist - this is a review checklist sheet that you can use to audit your course for completion.  Also provided descriptors for each category of the BYOC program

USD 365 BYOC Elementary Curriculum Development Timeline Rubric - form from September 2014 in-service

USD 365 BYOC Secondary Curriculum Development Timeline Rubric - form from September 2014 in-service

USD 365 BYOC Course Review Form – Checklist to use when the course is ready to publish


Common Core Institute/Greenbush Deconstructed Standards

 *"USD 365 Garnett has purchased the rights to share and use this copyrighted material among USD 365 district staff only."

ELA Deconstructed Standards

*ELA K-2

*ELA 3-5

*ELA 6-8

*ELA 9-12

Math Deconstructed Standards

*Math K-2

*Math 3-5

*Math 6-8

*Math 9-12

Literacy Deconstructed Standards

*Literacy for SS, Science, Technical, and Support Subjects

Deconstructing Standards Resources

USD 365 ELA and Literacy Deconstruction Template

USD 365 Mathematics Deconstruction Template

Deconstructing Standards Process

DCCSS Deconstruction Template