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Step 3: Units of Study, Lessons & CITW Instructional Strategies

Instructional & Lesson Resources

Common Core Standard Card Template (Carson Dellosa card template)

Instructional Design Framework Template

Habits of Mind -Summary of 16 Habits

Habits of Mind Activity Cards

Common Core Checklists - These common core standards checklists are just what you need to help you keep track of the standards taught in your classroom. Use these to make sure you are addressing all that you need to teach throughout the course of the school year. Keep track of when you have introduced, retaught and assessed each indicator.  Please keep in mind that this checklist is more to be used as a system of checks and balances in your teaching for the year and not so much a “check off” sheet for these indicators to be checked and thought of as “done”.

Classroom Instruction that Works Strategies & Resources

Marzano Essential Nine Strategies

Marzano Essential Nine Strategies Resources Website - this site has Web 2.0 resources for each of the nine strategies in great detail.

Curriculum Instruction that Works Strategies - Blooms Web & Blooms Strategies Chart

Curriculum Instruction that Works Framework

Key Knowledge Inservice Handout for all three days of CITW training

Day 1:  Create the Environment for Learning (Setting Objectives & Providing Feedback, Reinforcing Effort & Providing Recognition, Cooperative Learning)

CITW 8-12-13 Powerpoint

KWHL Chart for Setting Objectives

Tracking and Feedback sheet and quiz

Feedback for tracking student learning samples

Effort and Achievement Connection Self-Assessment

Day 2:  Develop Understanding (Cues, Questions, & Advance Organizers, Nonlinguistic Representation, Summarizing & Notetaking

CITW 1-20-14 Powerpoint

CITW 1-20-14 Handouts

Marzano Interacting with new knowledge strategies

Day 3:  Extend & Apply Knowledge ( Assigning Homework & Providing Practice, Identifying Similarities & Differences, Generating & Testing Hypotheses)

CITW 2-17-14 Powerpoint

Marzano Comparing and Contrasting Strategies