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Graduation Questions

Q: Why is the graduation ceremony so late in the evening? 

A: Typically, it starts getting much hotter, especially late June.  A late evening ceremony is planned to try and avoid the heat. 

Q: Could the graduation date change to a later date?

A: Currently there are no plans beyond June 29, 2020.   We will plan alternatives for June 29, 2020.

Q: Will the graduation ceremony still be a traditional ceremony at the football stadium?

A: Yes, at this point in time, plans are to have a traditional style of graduation ceremony at the football stadium on June 29, 2020 at 8:00 p.m.  The venue and/or format could change pending additional restrictions or inclement weather.

Q: Could the venue be changed to the AC gym, so the ceremony isn’t so late in the evening?

A: Normally that would be the plan, however this year new bleachers are scheduled to be installed in the gym.  Because of delays in manufacturing, due to COVID shut-downs, the school district does not have an installation date currently.  The old bleachers have been removed.

Q: Could the ceremony be held in the AC auditorium?

A: Yes, but that has limited capacity (especially under current social distancing guidelines).  This may need to be an alternative due to inclement weather.

Q: Will there be a limit to the number of people who can attend?

A: If the ceremony is held at the football stadium or an alternative outside venue, based on the current (5.14.2020) Kansas Reopening Plan there should be no attendance restrictions.  If the ceremony must be moved into the auditorium, each graduate will receive an allotment of tickets.  

Q: If the ceremony is held in the auditorium, will the ceremony be broadcast?

A: Yes, if the ceremony is held in the auditorium, the district will live stream the ceremony for those who are not able to attend.  An announcement will be made about where the live stream can be viewed.